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Used for architecturally enhanced structures and innovative building designs, we supply curved sheets, manufactured to specification.

Picture showing crimps in curved sheet




Crimped Curved
Curved eaves and ridge sheets are designed to create a seamless, curved roof line. Sheets are crimped, so when fixed in place, achieve the required roof pitch and radius. Sheets can be supplied up to a maximum of 6 metres in length.

Unless being interrupted by a concealed gutter, the same forward profile must be used for both roof and wall cladding.

When detailing a curve, the minimum radius achievable is 300mm.

 Information Required

In order to manufacture curved sheets, we require the following information;

  • Dimension X
  • Dimension Y
  • Int. radius
  • Pitch of roof
Available Profiles 34/1000, 34/1000 AP, 26/900 and 15/1000 LP
Minimum internal radius 300mm
Minimum leg length 300mm
Restrictions Forward profile only, except 15/1000 LP

Diagram showing dimensions required for crimp curving   Diagram showing the arrangement of components in a curved eaves scenario




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