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Used for architecturally enhanced structures and agricultural applications, we supply curved corrugated sheets, manufactured to specification.



Image showing an example of a curved eaves application


 Corrugated Curving
Allowing for architectural feature design flexibility, corrugated sheets are curved so when assembled form the required roof curve radius. Sheets lengths of up to 3.660m can be curved accommodating varied roof dimension and designs.

Image showing curved corrugated sheets   Image showing curved corrugated sheets

Corrugated curved sheets above can be used to clad a 'Dutch barn' shaped roof of almost limitless span and curve range. We can also manufacture tighter radiusís for use as pig arcs, for example

 Information Required

In order to manufacture corrugated curved sheets, we require the following information;

  • A - Length including laps and overhang
  • B - Height rise at centre of arc
  • C - Span
  • Position of purlins
Available Profiles 12x3 corrugated
Coverage 914mm (single lapped)
Finish Galvanised, polyester coated, plastic coated
Required dimensions 1) Span, 2) height rise at the centre of arc

Diagram showing dimensions required for curving corrugated sheets




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