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Coated Steel Colours

The choice of colour is very important at the design stage of the building project. Combinations of different colours enhance the buildings appearance by making it more prominent, matching a company's corporate colours or blending in with the surroundings.

Where an enhanced appearance using coloured cladding is not desired, the use of coloured flashings can improve the overall appearance.

Some standard colours are listed below, however many more are available on request. In addition, we are able to manufacture sheets to any colour providing a suitable sample is provided.

Please note: The colour matching service is subject to minimum quantities, determined upon application. Other limitations may exist, such as colour matching cost and certain colours fading beyond acceptable limits. Contact our sales department for further advice.


Mushroom - 10B19

Moorland Green - 12B21

Goosewing Grey - 10A05

Olive Green - 12B27

Wedgewood Blue - 18C37

Merlin Grey - 18B25

Ocean Blue - 18C39

Juniper Green - 12B29

Terracotta - 04C39

Van Dyke Brown - 08B29

Slate Blue - 18B29

Poppy Red - 04E53

*These colours should only be used as a reference, samples available on request.

The codes listed below the colour names above relate to the BSI standard for those colours. Whilst colour names may vary with manufacturers, consistency is maintained across the industry using BSI standard colour codes.




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