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Eaves Beams



As the name suggests, Eaves Beams are used in conjunction with side rails and purlins to allow a fixing point for sheeting and gutters.

We manufacture a range of pre-engineered pressed structural channels to complement our cladding, Z-purlin and C-section ranges. Manufactured from high tensile Z39 steel in lengths of up to 6.5m. Pre-galvanised so no additional finish is required, our Eaves Beams satisfy the requirements of BS5950: Part 5 (1998). They are compatible with and ideally suited to a wide range of roof and wall systems. 

This solution incorporates a full range of cleats, struts and brackets, facilitating a wide range of cladding system requirements.

Image showing the arrangement of an Eaves Beam in relation to the other structural members


  • Versatile Design - accommodating varying roof pitches, can also be used in internal / external gutter arrangements. The Eaves Beam is purpose designed for use as an eaves purlin, top sheeting rail and a gutter support.

  • Pre-Galvanised - no additional finishing or painting required.

  • Pre-punched holes -minimising assembly time and errors.

  • Wide range of sections and spans to suit an array of applications.


The diagram below refers to all Eaves Beams sizes (E-170, E-200 and E-240). The dimensions for a specific Eaves Beam can be referenced in the table below. Any stated dimensions on the diagram are relevant to all sizes. Click here to download CAD drawings for any of our products.

Diagram showing a cross section view of an Eaves Beam section
Section Ref: Gauge A B C D E
E-17020 2.0 170 85 100 20 20
E-20020 2.0 200 85 100 20 20
E-24020 2.0 240 85 100 20 20




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