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Image showing arrangement of two C-Sections on the corner of the building envelopeHayes Cladding's range of C-Sections provide useful structural solutions to an array of construction and industrial applications, e.g. Mezzanine Floor beams, cladding rails, structural support members (gable rafters and columns), window and door trimmers, brickworks restraints and wind bracing.

Image showing C-Section in a horizontal arrangement








These cold formed structural channel sections are manufactured from high tensile Z39 steel, are pre-galvanised so no additional finish is required and satisfy the requirements of BS5950: Part 5 (1998). Their high strength to weight ratio enable practical substitution for hot rolled steel sections whilst easing installation and site handling.


  • Pre-Galvanised - no additional finishing or painting required

  • Pre-punched holes -minimising assembly time and errors

  • Wide range of sections, gauges and spans to suit an array of applications


  • Side rails -  Our C-sections are compatible with the Z-purlin range and can be used as a substitute.

  • Mezzanine floors - C-sections can be used either as primary or secondary floor beams in mezzanine floors.

  • Parapet posts - used in a 'back to back' formation, C-sections provide a cost effective alternative to hot rolled sections in a parapet situation.

  • Brick work restraints - as an alternative to hot rolled sections, C-sections used to restrain brick work offer benefits of significant cost savings, light weight on-site handling and no additional finishing.

  • Door posts / windows - C-sections can also be utilised for framing doors and windows. Due to the fact that the sections are the same size as Z-purlins, alignment on-site can be achieved with minimal effort.


The diagrams below refer to all C-section sizes (C-140, C-170, C-200 and C-240). The dimensions for a specific C-section can be referenced in the table below. Click here to download CAD drawings for any of our products.

C-section diagram

 Fig 1. - C-Section

Diagram showing cross section view of a C-section

Section A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
C-140 53 20 140 53 130 70 29 300 64 35 33 37 46 63
C-170 63 20 170 63 160 100 29 300 64 35 33 37 46 93
C-200 63 20 200 63 190 130 29 364 64 35 33 37 46 123
C-240 62 20 240 62 230 170 29 433 64 35 33 37 46 163


       Fig 2. - C-Section  

   C-section cross section diagram    C-section sleeve diagram

       Fig 3. - C-Section sleeve      Fig 4. - C-Section Sleeve


Fixing DetailsDiagram showing relation of C-sections to cleat

Side rail butted system

The butted system offers a simple cleat connection (the cleat is welded or bolted to the hot rolled steel section) where two butted C-sections are fastened directly to the cleat. This is suitable for smaller buildings, short or uneven span or light loading applications. Image showing C-sections fixed in a butted arrangement to a vertical steel beam

This system can also cater for single bay situations, therefore can be used in conjunction with other cladding support systems. Spans of up to 8m can be accommodated, depending on the loads involved, where the cladding or the liner tray offers the correct lateral support by the way it has been fixed.



Side rail sleeved system Diagram showing relation of C-sections to sleeve

This system is primarily for spanning over two or more bays. The sleeved system incorporates a cold rolled sleeve to which two C-sections are bolted to the cleat. For technical advise, contact our sales department.



Image showing C-sections fixed to a cleat using a sleeve

Click here to view load span data of all fixing systems for various spans.







Application Examples

Image showing C-section used in window application

Image showing C-section used as a brickwork restraint

     C-Section used in a window application                           C-Section used as a brickwork support



Image showing C-sections in an 'over steel' mezzanine floor application     Image showing C-sections in a 'flush beaml' mezzanine floor application






C-Sections used in a mezzanine 'raised floor'

application where the C-sections are laid on

top of the hot rolled section, supporting the floor

C-Sections used in a mezzanine floor 'flush beam' application where the C-sections are positioned flush between hot rolled steel supporting beams






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