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We supply highly efficient, lightweight cladding support systems for industrial and commercial applications. We use high tensile, pre-galvanised steel which provides excellent strength to weight ratios and the unique design of our sections offer further strength and stability to the overall support system.

Image showing coils of galvanised steel ready to be cold rolledImage showing production of a Z-purlin as it exits the rolling mill

Our standard range of cold rolled cladding support components are designed for ease of installation and versatility with a range cladding products.

Special orders also available on request. All within 7-10 days nationwide.


140mm, 170mm, 200mm, 240mm deep C-Sections available with struts, tie wires and sleeves.


140mm, 170mm, 200mm, 240mm deep purlins in a range of gauges. Available with all ancillary items including sleeves, anti-sag rods, apex ties, cleats and bolts.


170mm, 200mm, 240mm deep complete with struts.


The following cleat diagrams and dimensions apply to all our sections and can therefore be used with our entire range of cold rolled products. If you have any queries, or require technical advice, contact our sales department.


Diagram showing cleats and dimensions - refer to table below

Section A B C D E F G H I
Z-140 64 120 64 28 140 70 35 75 25
Z-170 64 120 64 28 170 100 35 75 25
Z-200 64 120 64 28 200 130 35 75 25
Z-240 64 120 64 28 240 170 35 75 25



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