15/1000 LP Liner
26/900 Profile
34/1000 Profile
34/1000 AP Profile
12x3 Corrugated
Sheet Summary






HAYES Cladding Systems offer a wide range of profiles to suit all requirements.

Our cladding products, designed and manufactured in accordance with current standards and industry best practice, provide a high performance solution to your cladding requirements. Strength, durability and colour fastness are all attributes exhibited by our profiles, ensuring the solution we provide will exceed your expectations for years to come.

Image showing a cladding millImage showing corrugated profiled sheet as it exits the mill

Guaranteed Performance - Our cladding sheets are manufactured using high quality steel. For this reason we guarantee the performance of our products in-line with manufacturers specification, some with up to 30 years guarantee.

Product Coding - For our range of profiles, the first number in the product code refers to the overall depth of a profile (the distance between the lowest and highest ridge in millimetres). The second number refers to the effective cover width. For example 15/1000 LP is 15mm overall depth and cover of 1000mm.

All profiles are available in a wide range of gauges (sheet thickness), colours and finishes. See the finishes and colours pages for more information or contact our sales department for more information.

Storage and Handling - All steel sheeting once delivered to site, should be stacked clear of the ground, on timber bearers with one end slightly higher allowing any water to run straight off, preventing staining.  To alleviate any pre-erection problems, metal profiled sheets should be completely covered until they are erected. 




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