CAD Drawings



Standard detail drawings for our cladding and cold rolled products are available for download below. Drawings are in dwg format compatible with AutoCAD 2000 and above. If you experience problems with these files or require an different format, please contact our sales department.

What should I download?  Depending on your requirements and internet connection speed you may download individual drawing files, a zip file of all drawings for a particular product or a zip file of all drawings for all products. Individual file sizes vary from 48KB to 1MB.

How do I download it?  Right click the link for the required file below and select 'Save Target As...'.

140 Z-Purlin 170 Z-Purlin 200 Z-Purlin 240 Z-Purlin
140 C-Section 170 C-Section 200 C-Section 240 C-Section
n/a 170 Eaves Beam 200 Eaves Beam 240 Eaves Beam 


140 Z-Purlin Cleat 170 Z-Purlin Cleat 200 Z-Purlin Cleat 240 Z-Purlin Cleat
140 C-Section Cleat 170 C-Section Cleat 200 C-Section Cleat 240 C-Section Cleat
n/a 170 Eaves Beam Cleat 200 Eaves Beam Cleat 240 Eaves Beam Cleat


140 Z-Purlin Sleeve 170 Z-Purlin Sleeve 200 Z-Purlin Sleeve 240 Z-Purlin Sleeve
140 C-Section Sleeve 170 C-Section Sleeve 200 C-Section Sleeve 240 C-Section Sleeve


 Vertical Strut Rails / Purlins
SB4 (140) SB3 (170) SB2 (200) SB1 (240)


 Vertical Strut Rails / Eaves Beams
EB4 (140) EB3 (170) EB2 (200) EB1 (240)


15mm Profile 26mm Profile 34mm Profile 34mm ap Profile
Corrugated Profile      


Zip Archives (all drawings for a product)
Sections  (210k) Cleats  (196k) Sleeves  (2.2mb) Strut Rails / Purlins  (1.1mb)
Strut Rails /Eaves Beams  (1.1mb) Profiles (2mb) All dwgs  (6.9mb)  




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