GRIDTITE Support Bar System

Economical, safe and efficient solution for new build, double skin projects. Our Support Bar System is equally suited to over-cladding applications, offering a convenient alternative to traditionally expensive re-roofing jobs.

Complies with the latest 'part L' building regulations for side cladding and roofs. The system comprises of a steel liner sheet, galvanised support bracket and ribbed bar together with the external weather sheet. It provides a strong roofing and cladding support system and is fixed to purlins, making it quick, easy and safe to fix.

The bar is 1.25mm gauge Z39 high tensile galvanised steel to EN 10147. The bar incorporates a spigot end arrangement for bar connection and also ensures a continuous level of support. They are manufactured in 1m and 3m lengths.

The brackets are manufactured from 1.6mm gauge Z39 high tensile galvanised steel with stiffening ribs. Bracket sizes range from 60mm - 250mm.

  • Strong, lightweight support system, using a minimal number of components which makes specifying, ordering and installation easy.

  • Faster to install than mini Z's and ferrules, no special tools are required.

  • Ideal to overclad failed roofs, quickly and easily.

  • Warrington Fire Research 4 Hour certification and excellent insulation potential.

  • All components are galvanised which will provide many years of use.


The system can be used with or without insulation. It is not required to remove old or existing roofing materials. It can be used to overclad failed roofs or bring roofing systems up to insulation regulations. It is ideal for new build, twin skin construction.


Although sway bracing is not required, care should be taken to avoid point loads during loading out operations.

Gridtite has Warrington Fire Research 4 Hour certification. Bars weigh 1kg per L/m and can be used vertically, but in this case the bar must be supported at the base to transfer to transfer loads to the sub-structure.

When used in a twin skin situation and purlins are set at 2 metre centres using 0.40 w/w k insulation quilt, the system will achieve the following U values:-

     0.25       with 170mm thick insulation

     0.30       with 140mm thick insulation

     0.35       with 120mm thick insulation


For further information and to enquire how this system could be the answer to your complex overclad requirements, contact our sales department.



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