Image showing an example of a rooflight applicationRooflights used effectively can promote a naturally light environment whilst not reducing the insulation, water proofing  or stability properties of the system. Our rooflights are manufactured from GRP material which complies to BS4154, ensuring consistent performance. They are kept in stock in both Class I (fire rated) and Class III grade (exterior use). In the case of Class I sheets, the fire rating will be shown by the use of a coloured thread.

Diagram showing the arrangement and lapping of a rooflight

The above image demonstrates the correct positioning in regards to laps. Notice the higher end of the rooflight is lapped underneath the cladding. This minimises the risk of water ingress, allowing the water to run down the roof, over the rooflight.

Diagram showing components and their arrangement in a rooflight system

Sufficient lap should be allowed in both rooflights and roofsheets (shown above). This is applicable to both single and double skin construction Appropriate tapes, sealants and fixings should be used to maximise rooflight performance.
 Available Profiles  Complete range of box profiles
 Class Availability  Class I, Class II
 Material Finish  GRP
 Standard Lengths  2.440m, 3.048m and 3.657m
A range of grade weights and lengths are available on request. Contact our sales department for further information.




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